Cub Cadet's range of Electric Ride On Mowers

Cub Cadet Battery Ride on Mower

More Power & Technology. Zero Fuel & Emissions.

When we designed our line of Cub Cadet battery-powered electric ride on mowers, we didn't compromise on power or performance.

Advanced Lithium Ion Battery Power ensures consistent power delivery and longer run time, along with whisper quiet operation. 

The future of mowing is here! Test drive today at your local Cub Cadet Dealer

Electric Ride On Mower Features:

Battery Ride On Mower


WEIGHT: Li-Ion Batteries are 1/3 the weight of Lead Acid.
RUN TIME: Li-Ion Batteries can be discharged 100%. 
POWER: Li-Ion Batteries maintain voltage through the whole discharge cycle. 
LIFE: Li-Ion Batteries can cycle 5000+ times.
ENVIRONMENT: Li-Ion Batteries are cleaner than lead acid.

Zero Petrol battery ride on mower


Clean Lithium Ion Battery Power means no more stopping to go to the petrol station, and no more smelly, messy fuel cans.
Just press the start button and away you go.
When you're done, put your mower back on charge and its good to go next time.
Running costs are down, convenience is up.

Zero emissions battery ride on mower


Zero emissions from the Lithium Ion Battery Power Unit means no exhaust fumes and no exhaust smell.
Look after the environment while you look after your lawn!

Battery Ride On Mower


Add a catcher for a manicured finish, and use the clippings as mulch for your garden beds.
Or add a mulch plug to retain moisture and keep your lawn healthy during Summer.

Zero Petrol battery ride on mower


Minimize maintenance time and cost. 
No oil, clutch, throttle or belts ensure a hassle-free long term ownership experience.

Zero emissions battery ride on mower


Expect the same superior performance and clean cutting results as you have come to expect from Cub Cadet's petrol ride on mower range.

For up to 1 Acre properties, try the compact and efficient Cub Cadet CC 30 E Battery Ride On Mower

For over 1 Acre properties, try the large and powerful Cub Cadet LT 42 E Electric Ride On Mower

Test drive the future of ride on mowers today at your local Cub Cadet dealer!

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