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Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower

Cub Cadet ride on mowers and zero turns deliver the ultimate in productivity through a combination of sustained power, detailed precision and complete control. Innovation drives the design and function of each Cub Cadet ride on mower, we've been backing this up for decades by building mowers that work hard at maintaining your lawn and garden.

When it comes to the power garden equipment performance, it's an obsession, some people just love the precision, the control and the power only a Cub Cadet can deliver.


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Advanced Synchro-Steer technology

Patented SynchroSteer™ technology, pioneered by Cub Cadet, is a system of dual hydrostatic transmissions synchronized with steering-wheel control of all four wheels to create true zero-turn maneuverability.

Not to mention tremendous control, stability and safety, especially on sloping terrain. If you need zero turn manouevrability on steep terrain, a SynchroSteer™ equipped Cub Cadet is the only choice.

Synchro Steer Zero Turn Technology

For commercial operators and large area property owners who regularly mow on hills and challenging slopes a SynchroSteer™ equipped Cub Cadet adds essential safety and control to your mowing jobs.

Test drive a SynchroSteer™ equipped zero turn mower today at your local Cub Cadet dealer.

Image Disclaimer: Product images used on this website are for illustration purposes.  Actual products may vary from depicted model image in design, required attachments, safety features and non-functional appearance, and may not reflect dealer inventory or unit specifications.

What a Year it's been!!

2021 really was the year of getting out in the backyard and enjoyng time at home in the outdoors!  While 2022 is so far seeing the same unprecedented demand across the range of Cub Cadet ride ons, zero turns and commercial machines.

It's great to see so many people investing time and energy back into their home and backyard!  

This high demand combined with pressure on global raw material supply and shipping delays, has seen some Cub Cadet products take a little longer than usual to arrive on dealer floors, and get into customer's hands.  We appreciate the patiece shown by customers waiting for their Cub Cadet products to be delivered.  Rest assured we are working hard to get the full range back in-store and available to take home as soon as possible!

PRO Z & Tank Recall Advice

Important product recall safety advice: Cub Cadet Pro-Z & Tank

For further information on affected models and safety advice, please visit: productsafety.gov.au/mtd-recall

Pro-Z, Tank Recall

recall models

PRO Z 700 & 900 Series Recall Advice

Important product recall safety advice: Cub Cadet Pro-Z 700 & 900 Series
For further information on affected models and safety advice, please visit: productsafety.gov.au/mtd-pro-series-recall

This recall affects the following models: 
PRO Z 760 L (53AIHKTV330), PRO Z 760 S (53AIHKUV330), PRO Z 972 S (53AIHMUY330), PRO Z 972 SD (53TIHMUY330)