Superior Cut



The innovative lawn mowing system of Cub Cadet's premium lawn equipment leaves no grass uncut. Tall grass, thick grass, wet grass - it doesn't matter.  Each component, from the deck and lawn mower blades to the dome design and discharge chute, work together to ensure an unsurpassed quality of cut.  Added strength and rigidity keep the high-lift blades from deflecting and flexing under heavy loads, severe conditions or high speeds. 

Our premium lawn equipment has a highly engineered deck design that works in conjunction with the rotating lawn mower blades (A) to create a powerful vacuum and smooth, continuous airflow that leaves no grass uncut. By keeping airflow continuous and avoiding airflow voids, clippings are evenly propelled and distributed broadly through an extra-wide discharge chute (B) - making them disappear into your lawn. 

Another key to the success or our premium lawn equipment is the no-grass-uncut feature that pulls in tall grass instead of allowing it to slip around the outside.  (C) This reduces the amount of time and trimming required near trees and other obstacles. 

Working in concert, the design, lawn mower blades, deck and grass collector create an advanced cutting system that leaves lawns cleaner and better looking than the competition. 

Now that you understand how our lawn cutting system works it's time to browse our collection of lawn tractor and zero turn riders to see which piece of premium lawn equipment will work best for you!

For more information about Cub Cadet’s premium lawn equipment, contact a dealer in your area.