Cub Cadet offers best-in-class manoeuvrability through the market-leading RZT Series, the ZTT, the Series 1000 and the first and only zero-turn rider with an easy-to-use steering wheel.  With so many models with a wide range of features, there is a Cub Cadet® appropriate for any customer.  When it comes to time savings, Cub Cadet® tractors lead the field in innovative solutions designed around customers' needs.



Turning radius refers to the tightest turn a tractor can make.  The smaller the turning radius, the less amount of trimming will be needed around obstacles such as trees, fence posts, flower beds, etc.  A smaller turning radius also results in shorter cutting time.  



RZT tractors benefit from having a zero-turn radius; they can turn in a perfect circle and leave no grass uncut. These machines steer by way of the rear wheels. An RZT tractor has each rear wheel connected to a hydrostatic transmission - a device that creates wheel rotation using pressurized fluid.  Rotational force from the engine turns a pulley-operated pump that pressurizes the transmission fluid.  When you move a steering/speed lever, you are controlling the flow of fluid through the transmission and the rotational speed or the forward/reverse direction of a drive wheel.  Maximum lever movement means maximum fluid flow, which translates into a rapidly turning wheel.  If one drive wheel turns more rapidly than the other, the machine moves along a curved path.  If both wheels turn at the same speed, the machine follows a straight path.  If one wheel stops and the other turns, or if the wheels turn in opposite direction, the mower pivots.



ZTT tractors combine the manoeuvrability and time savings of the RZT with the comfort and versatility of a lawn tractor.  On traditional RZT's, only the rear wheels are controlled by pushing and pulling two levers.  With a ZTT tractor, a steering wheel turns the front wheels, and at the same time controls the speed and direction of the back wheels.  We call this our Synchro™ Technology.  The vast majority of our 17 patents on this product are related to how we couple the steering control with both the front and rear tyres.  The magic of the system: variable ratio steering gears which turn the left and right front wheels at different angles and much further than conventional systems, all while the operator is effortlessly rotating the steering wheel.  A separate traction drive system synchronizes the steering angle of the front tyres with the speed and direction of the rear tyres.

True zero-turn is achieved when the operator turns the steering wheel far enough that the inside rear wheel spins in reverse just like a traditional lap-bar controlled ZTR.  The consumer operates the unit just like a traditional lawn tractor.  No additional training is required, and there are no surprises that may cause consumer displeasure.


For more information about Cub Cadet's zero turn tractor, contact a dealer in your area.